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A message from Eric Larson, Vector Art House LLC


Many people enjoy the fun of films and books, seeing how their world can come to life with a good story or a film that captures the spirit and fun they want to have all the time. The fact is that for many of us, these two outlets are pure escapism, and we cherish the thought of just exploring with our imagination.

ExpectoCon is the culmination of years of work, basically everything I have learned and created over the past 20 plus years. As a designer and art director, I have had the chance to work on such films as the Star Wars re-releases, Star Wars Episode 1, Disney's 101 Dalmatians, and Warner Bros.'s Batman series. I have literally sat in on sets and seen how the magic is brought to life, and now I am bringing what I know to the Wizarding World!

I have had the greatest of time creating TeslaCon, the largest immersive Steampunk convention in the world. This year we celebrate our tenth year, and the entire premise is to create a feeling of believability and wonder when my guests are there, and we will do the same with ExpectoCon.


This convention is for everyone young and old alike, fans of the books, films, or both! We will create a new type of convention that has never been seen before, one where the immersion is so total that you will believe you are at a wizarding school and that you are actually learning all about the mystical and magical world you love to be in.


From classes about dragons and beasts to potions and spells, we will take you into the realm of magical beings and have fun all through the weekend. Wear your school robes and sport your favorite Quidditch team logo. Dress up as a student, an elf, or a troll. At ExpectoCon, everyone is encouraged to become part of the story and the immersion itself. The more you believe you are actually in a magical school, the more the fun will be.


It is also our greatest pleasure to present our special guest from the film “Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire”: Stanislav Ianevski (who plays Viktor Krum). He will be our guest throughout the weekend and will be available for autographs, photos, and special events at the convention.


My hope is to create a fun, interactive, and magical atmosphere where people can forget the real world for three days and enjoy their passion for creativity and imagination. Join us on our maiden voyage as we begin our story with new characters, teachers, and above all, magical adventures!


I hope to meet many of you and make new friends,


Eric Jon Larson
Convention Organizer
Vector Art House LLC.

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Be Our Guest


in collaboration with the hotel restaurant, ExpectoCon will have a themed menu for the weekend. Items may change for 2020, but you may see the 2018 menu for reference.

The Tilted Broom (Falling Water Cafe) at the Madison Marriott West
1313 Q Hammons Dr • Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 831-2000