Recap of ExpectoCon 2018

ExpectoCon made its magical debut during the August 17-19 weekend of 2018. Our special guests for the weekend were Stanislav Yanevski (aka Stan Ianevski, who starred in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"), Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. ("Dungeons & Dragons"), Samantha R. Crossland (fashion designer), Bryan Donihue (author of "Knights Bane" trilogy), and Kari Lewis (cosplayer known for her likeness to Hermione Granger/Emma Watson).

Sweet Steam
GL's Wee Beasties
D. Lieber
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Our panels were designed to be classrooms for our wizard school, a fictional one created for ExpectoCon known as "St. Cyprian's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry". We had interactive dragons, wand stations (which includes one for sorting into houses), themed restaurant menu, shops, game room, costume contest, and an evening prom.

Remember that Hodag that greeted you in the Registration area of the atrium? Special thanks to the Ouisconsing School Of Collaboration for lending this hodag created by Claire Morgan.

Did anyone say Butterbeer? These were select items off of our themed menu.

There were 2 game rooms running throughout the weekend. Guests had a choice of either joining in on tabletop gaming or sign up to go against the Dungeon Master Ernie Gary Gygax, Jr. for "Dungeons & Dragons".


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ExpectoCon 2?


ExpectoCon 2020 takes place during the June 12-14 weekend at the Madison Marriott West. We successfully reached our crowdfund goal in October 2019 with the help of our magical community. Thank you so much! We have now opened up our ticket page for more attendees to sign up as students. Please follow the link below to enroll!


Venue Hotel: Madison Marriott West

1313 John Q Hammons Dr

Middleton, WI 53562​

Tel: 608-831-2000



Messenger: @expectoconusa

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